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Male Escort Agency

We are on of the few dedicated male escort agencies. We are a hybrid between a male escort agency and a male escort directory, depending on the local regulations of each country. We exclusively provide service to female clients.

Of course, there are other options to meet open minded men than an escort companion agency. Some dating platforms like Tinder are even free, but your time is precious and scams are prevalent on most of these platforms. A real playboy or gigolo does not spend his time swiping profiles on Tinder. Consider the boyfriend experience a fabulous alternative. Escort companionship will make you smile.

A reputable escort agency assures you absolute confidentiality, WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) and a great experience. Male escort service is available as an incall escort service or outcall escort service, depending on the desired location. If you do not want an outcall to your location, we can arrange a discrete incall engagement at a luxurious residence. We can also book a hotel room on your behalf, without using your name. In some cities like Cape Town, our organization can host you at a discrete adult club or residence.

Companionship Services For Women

After years of running the BEST GIRLFRIEND EXPERIENCE, one of the most well known international agencies for exquisite luxury companions, we have given in to popular demand. Our team has established a separate division which focuses on a range of services for financially independent women. We exclusively feature and manage straight male escort.


The MALE COMPANION is a Swiss organization providing unique companionship services for women. Our organization manages the most attractive and interesting male companions around the globe. Our carefully selected companions provide a true VIP experience.

Competent Team

Our dedicated team is skilled and experienced, so we can provide an unforgettable experience.


Discretion and confidentiality are the key factors which have made our business successful.


Our services are fully in compliance with applicable Swiss law, so we can focus on providing the ultimate service for our discerning clientele.

Male Escort Jobs

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