The Following Terms & Conditions Apply To All Clients and Companions

  1. THE MALE COMPANION is a very specialized service, exclusively providing male companions and escorts for female clients. For this reason we ask for your understanding that we only provide heterosexual arrangements.
  2. If the market shows the required demand, we are happy to provide a similar service to the LGBT community on a separate platform, with a dedicated team and the required resources.
  3. The minimum age for clients and companions is 18 years. No exception. We do not manage underage models or companions.
  4. We fully vet all companions and keep copies of their ID's for everyone's safety.
  5. Our agency keeps copies of the ID's of all clients in our records
  6. All arrangements are prepaid, without exception.
  7. Payment is possible by credit card, wire transfer or Bitcoin. Cash payments may be made at the time of booking.
  8. If payment is made by credit card, the name on the credit card must match the ID.
  9. Arrangements may be cancelled or postponed within 24 hours of the scheduled meeting.
  10. In case of cancellation or rescheduling, any ancillary arrangements like flights, hotel, etc. which cannot be cancelled remain due and payable.
  11. These expenses will be deducted from the prepayment received. The difference (balance) will be returned the way the payment was received: In cases of payment by credit card, the balance minus the 3.5% card processing fee will be credited on the same credit card. If payment was made by wire transfer, the balance minus incoming and outgoing wire transfer fees will returned by wire transfer. Alternatively, on request of the client the balance may be applied to her account.
  12. Clients and Companions are expected to adhere to a formal or elegant casual dress code. Please dress to impress.
  13. THE MALE COMPANION is an organization with few intentional limits. We provide a full range of services, including classy adult entertainment.
  14. All Companions undergo regular health checkups and are tested for STD.
  15. We request that clients bring test result of their last checkup for review.
  16. Clients do not contract for sex. Any interactions between adults is strictly by mutual consent.
  17. If you would like to entertain at a BGFE Club, we strongly suggest you make reservations.